COVID Situation and Response

Older couple at home without care facing food shortage
Navchetna staff visiting families to gether details on Covid issue

Beed district is as severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic like other districts of Maharashtra. Daily 1100-1400 new cases are getting reported. The total positive patient till date have crossed 70000 as on date as per the Govt. reported figures. 1100 plus deaths have been reported till date due to COVID-19 in the district. The number which are not reported especially from the villages need to be supported. Because of the fear factor many people are not reporting. The strict lockdown is imposed by state Govt and added restriction by the district authority has made the livelihood situation worse for the poor families.

The latest situation is worsening and poor are not even getting the required medication and facilities. The poor is in a very confused state and struggling for their livelihood, support and facilities. Therefore proper guidance, support, advise, and counselling is required to control the present situation.

Further, the second wave witnesses more cases in villages. The migrated youth to urban areas have returned to the village. The villages do not have employment opportunities. Therefore the condition is very pathetic due to non-availability of the employment. Therefore, Navachetana has taken steps to support the poor and vulnerable with the following interventions:

1. Free distribution of mask and awareness creation at village level on social distancing, hand washing and wearing of mask. The (double layered) are being prepared by the women.

2. Grocery and hygiene kit sufficient to meet the food and hygiene needs of poor families are being distributed gathering support from various sources which not sufficient. There is an urgent need to buy ration kits for 1000 families.

3. Community kitchen have been started to feed the poor / aged people having no arrangement of the food in the present challenging time.

4. Isolation centres have been started in the villages to make arrangements of the poor villagers because they do not have extra room for keeping Covid patients isolated. Therefore, with the support of Gram Panchayats (village councils) and local people the isolation center (presently 10) are started to make separate arrangement of isolation of the infected persons with no or lesser symptoms. The food arrangement is being made by Navchetna from the community kitchen.

Following arrangement is made at Isolation center:

· A kitchen is set up in the village with the support of village Self-Help Groups and food is being supplied to the patients having no arrangement of tiffin or in the case of patient whose other family members are affected due to COVID. Therefore, 25 to 40% of the patient are being supplied food. The food includes breakfast, lunch and dinner for the patients in the isolation center.

· The patients are also being given herbal medicines to boost their immunity.

· An ambulance is arranged to take care of the emergency patients to transport them from the nearby villages.

· Navchetna has established link with the hospital /primary health centre for advisory and primary medicine. Effort will be made to the extent possible to the isolation center will be around the Public Health Centre (PHC) so that the required support can be taken from the PHC. Navchetna also facilitate the visit of the private medical doctor to the village/ isolation center. District Medical Office is to be kept informed about the situation of the patient and health day to day basis.

· The Asha Workers’ support will be taken in checking the oxygen level, temperature and other support

· Each center will have basic medical support equipment’s like oximeter, BP machine and thermometer.