Food for Older People


Navchetana is a grassroots social change organization founded and led by grassroots women change agents in Beed district of Marathwada region.

We work with voice-less and ultra-poor marginalized and backward communities of Beed – older people, dalits, nomadic tribes, de-notified tribes, landless labours, small and marginalized farmers, women and children, handicapped, destitute, migrant sugarcane cutting communities and those affected by disasters and Covid Lockdown.  

Covering 160 villages and impacting 65,000 individuals directly through 25 full-time staff and 300 village-level volunteers, we empower individuals in our area through gender, health and legal awareness, knowledge of government schemes, research and training to become change agents.

Older People without care do not have food to eat. Corona Lockdown has worsened the situation. To address their food needs, we have started Community Kitchen (supported by Goonj) in 10 villages of Kaij Taluka in Beed District. We provide cooked food (3 times a day) to 243 older people (male and female) every day for last two months. Initially, older people were coming to the community kitchen for the food but later we have changed strategy and delivering freshly cooked food in tiffin at their doorstep thrice a day.