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Creating a place for children with different abilities in the society is a great noble cause as there are a lot of challenges and hurdles.This noble deed needs a continuous and great support from our society. You can help us by 4 ways:


2.Sponsoring a needy child

3.Giving employment to our adult children




Volunteering provides opportunity to our youth to explore the new horizons of experience/internship under our expert team. Students and professionals work with us and get the award of appreciation for volunteering. These experiences can help them to build their professional ethics and attractive resumes.

Here we have various teams, which require volunteers:



 Team                        Volunteer

Drama/Acting        –       Actors/Actress

Artists                    –      Painters/Fine Arts Professionals

Orchestra              –      Drummer, Guitarist, Singers

Spokespersons     –      Have good communication skills

Field Supporters   –      Good working capacity and Geographical Knowledge

Graphic Designer –      Good Computer/Software Skills

Engineers            –       Good Software/web Designing Skills

Psychologists      –       Qualified Degree & License

Psychiatrists        –      Qualified Degree & License

Pediatric              –      Qualified Degree & License

Team Leaders     –      Good Leadership/managing Skills

Becoming a volunteer will be a great support to us as it will increase our manpower and eventually we can reach out every child with different abilities. It will be a learning and satisfactory experience for you. Timings for working will be lenient and as per the comfort hours of the volunteers. An experience and volunteering certificate will also be awarded to the volunteers.


Sponsoring a needy child:

Sometimes, due to some financial problems, some families don’t even come to school or clinic for admission. There are lots of govt facilities for which guardian of  children with special need have to pay nominal charges to get the facilities, but sometimes few are not able to pay even a nominal charges. You can be a helping hand for them by sponsoring a special child.

 Giving employment to our adult Children

Children above 18years of age are our special adult children who need to be given an opportunity to work and get wages for their work. You can help them by hiring our trained adults and allow them to be an employee. This way, they are able to build their self-confidence and self-reliance. This makes them to feel that they are profitable participant of our society.


You can help us by making some donations in favor of “Navchetna Society”
There are two types of donation:

1.    Specific (for specific purpose like to Build Infrastructure etc.)

2.    General (To meet the recurring budget of the organization)