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Navchetna has evolved its new techniques for the better treatment of kids with its long time researches and their impact on the children and had come-up with effective and interesting new therapies. The basic principle of our service program is

Assessment and intervention program

We strictly follow our operating model in the process of assessment, diagnosis, intervention and evaluation of our cases.


We use both, formal and informal procedures for assessment. Proper standardized tests and assessment tools are used. As per the needs, the child is assessed for his intelligence, cognition, attention, emotions, gross and fine motor skills, balance and equilibrium, sensory abilities, language and speech skills, activities of daily living skills, social and behavioral skills, global development. And, then according to the assessment results and diagnosis, a holistic intervention program is suggested and implemented on the child and is recommended to be used at home also.

We maximally try to form and introduce those activities which help to cover maximum areas of development at the same particular time when they are used by a single professional working with the child. It enhances the holistic development of the child.


Clinical Services:

Occupational therapy


Speech therapy

Auditory training(for hearing impaired)

 I.Q. testing

 Early intervention program

 Sensory training

 Neurodevelopmental therapy


Interactive Remedial Therapies:

to stimulate all the senses

 Music therapy

 Play therapy

 Group therapy

 Video therapy

 Behavior modification therapy

 Life skill training


Educational Services:

Special education

Cognitive therapy

Remedial education program for normal school going kids who have some learning problems

Audio visual learning

IEP ( Individualized Educational Program)

Awareness & Supportive Programms:

Guidance and counseling

Pre -vocational training for adult student


Workshops for Parents and guardians: Navchetna believes that parents can be the best rehabilitator if taught or guided properly in time. Hence, with this vision Navchetna has been providing a platform for the parents to learn the handling techniques for their kids and work with them with their will in the school.